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Ink & Steel

INK & STEEL... The thrilling festival winner from LoneShark Studios puts a fresh spin on the crime/mafia genre when a ruthless mob enforcer is tasked with protecting his boss’ outcast son. As a violent turf war escalates, they hide at a remote upstate New York farm, imposing on a scared single mother and her young son. As worlds collide, time is running out before the family’s enemies close in.

THE CAST & CREW... Starring Richard Fiske as Michael, the veteran mafia enforcer, and Tyler Noble (We Own the Night) as the don’s son, Ink & Steel was written and produced by Jonathan Ehlers,  Jason Radspinner, and Patrick Ward-Perkins. Directed by Ehlers & Ward-Perkins, the film also stars Molly Ryman, Jason Beckmann and Jack Millard (The Big Short, Star Trek).

THE FESTIVAL WINS... Ink & Steel premiered at Soho International Film Festival where it took home the Audience Award. It went on to win Best Director at Long Beach International Festival, as well as Best Feature at Emerge Film Festival.

THE BACKSTORY... The filmmakers began principal photography  in November 2012 just as Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast and battered the Eastern seaboard and Long Island in particular where filming was taking place. For the full story, check out